A new look to your Eastbourne Gazette and Herald coming this week

THE countdown is on as the Gazette and Herald will be making some big news of its own - and enjoying an autumn makeover!

This week we are making changes to the look and feel of the paper - making it bolder and brighter. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have in working on the relaunch.

Tomorrow, the Gazette will take on a new look and this Friday the Herald will follow suit.

World-class newspaper designers have been commissioned by our parent company, Johnston Press, to come up with a new, fresh and appealing design for our pages.

For the Herald we will be complementing the new look with a whole host of new features. Biggest change of all will be the addition of a 16-page entertainments and what’s on section, called The Guide.

We’ll bring you better-than-ever coverage of the theatre, music and arts scenes, as well as cinema news and comprehensive local listings.

There will also be dining out and gardening pages and the best of the rest - a round-up of what’s happening on the entertainments scene across East Sussex. And for puzzle lovers a new section to tickle those brain cells.

Above all, we want to keep both the Gazette and Herald as your paper. We want to hear your views, so let us know what you think.

Next week will also see an increase in the price of your Herald to 80p. Editor-in-chief, Keith Ridley, pictured, said:”For as long as we could, we have avoided passing on to readers our increasing production costs.

“Even with this increase we are still only the price of a chocolate bar and not even half that of a cup of coffee or a fizzy drink.

“We hope readers will still think of us as good value, particularly with the changes and additions we are making to the paper” .

We will, however, be offering a subscription to the paper for a year at today’s price, to offset the increase in return for readers’ continued loyalty.

To celebrate your new-look Gazette and Herald, we will out and about meeting you, talking to you - and giving away money and other goodies to lucky readers! Yes, really!

We’ll have a team at the Arndale centre next Friday, October 5, giving away 500 envelopes, each containing either a crisp £5 note, a national lottery ticket, a voucher for a happy advert in the Herald worth up to £40, money-off shopping vouchers and much, much more. And a chance to meet our editor-in-chief, Keith Ridley, and some of his team, to talk about the changes to the paper.

This week’s new-style Herald will also include some super competitions.And there will be a host of supermarket promotions. We will tell you more next week.

Don’t miss all the fun, nor us! Make a date with your new Herald next Friday, October 5. And then we hope to see you at the Arndale Centre for our big cash and prize give-away.