A message from Eastbourne District Commander: Campaigns over the Christmas season

Chief Inspector Jayne Dando
Chief Inspector Jayne Dando

WE ARE re-launching Op Twilight, which provides practical advice on how to take simple steps to protect your home from opportunist thieves.

Sadly we have had our first burglary where Christmas presents were stolen. I would urge you to keep them out of view and close your curtains.

I would encourage all of you to take a few moments to consider your home security. During the late afternoons/evenings please leave a light on and draw your curtains, especially if you are going out. Consider investing a few pounds in a timer device which you can use to set your lights to come on.

Visit the Sussex Police website for more advice or contact us on 0845 6070999 and ask for your local Neighbourhood Policing Team. To enhance this initiative your local policing team is increasing patrols in the lead up to Christmas.

We have launched Op Reindeer, which is a range of activity through the holiday period.

Increased patrols will be aiming to prevent crime and provide a visible reassurance to those out and about in the town, whether they be Christmas shopping or enjoying Christmas parties. Watch your purses and handbags, and mobile phones especially.

Sussex Police faces the challenge of saving £52 million pounds over the next five years. This will be tough for all, but we remain committed to Serving Sussex and maintaining neighbourhood policing. A review of our police stations is also underway, with the emphasis very much on ensuring that our police stations are best placed to be at the heart of our towns, enhancing new ways for people to contact us, from face-face, drop in centres to name just a couple. We are also looking at increasing ways of accessing some of our services on-line and are keen to hear your views on this.

On these darker mornings and evenings it is important we all think about road safety. It sounds like common sense but listening to music through headphones will impair your hearing and concentration when crossing the road, don’t try to cross behind parked cars or where you can’t fully see the road, walking late at night wear something reflective and always try to use zebra crossings and traffic lights - they are there for a reason.

The same goes for cycling. Make sure the lights on your bike are working and that you have reflectors either on your person or on the bike itself, but most of all wear a helmet when cycling as it can prevent serious injury should you be unlucky enough to have an accident.

The town continues to suffer sporadic thefts of bicycles so I would like to remind you of our advice to check that your garages and sheds are secure for the dark winter months. This time there is an amount of good news on this front. In the last few weeks we have successfully recovered a number of bikes, some of a high value, and due to some excellent work by the local PCSO’s and the Neighbourhood team, we entered a garage which was fully of stolen bikes and parts of bikes. A local male was arrested.

In addition to this we continue to execute search warrants based on good quality information we get from the community.

Two searches were carried out recently where we recovered a bike at each address, the first a £1,000 mountain bike and the second a £1,500 bike. These kinds of results just go to show that when we work together and obtain enough

information, we can be really effective in recovering property and arresting suspects.

As ever, I would ask that if you have any issues raised by this message or with policing in Eastbourne that you contact me.

If you have information you wish to pass please do not forget Crimestoppers, the independent charity organisation where you can give your information anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Can I wish you all a safe and secure Christmas, enjoy the festivities,

Chief Inspector Jayne Dando, Eastbourne District Commander