A coronation in Queen’s Crescent

The Queen’s Coronation continues to jog readers’ memories and this week Barrie Parker, an Eastbournian now living in Australia, writes in about his recollection of the famous one in Queen’s Crescent.

He says, “Presumably because it was the UK’s first queen in half a century and because of the street name, the street party in Queen’s Crescent was given particular prominence.

“The location of the party is between about numbers 15 and 16 Queen’s Crescent, fairly close to the T-Junction with Queen’s Road. The back of the photo is marked C Deal, photographer, 41a South Street, Eastbourne, phone 3388.

“I wonder if anybody recognises the children in the photo and where are they now?

“I am the child with face make up on the far left in the third row from the front first row of children standing with my right arm raised and I was holding a wooden tomahawk.

“I was dressed in what would then be described as Red Indian costume but now would be ‘the costume that is popularly considered typical of that of the North American First Nation people’.

“My mother, who passed away two years ago in Eastbourne, is the lady to my right whose half of her head is peering from behind another lady who was Mrs Atkins I think.

“Television was rare at that time and the only house in the street with TV belonged to the lady in a cardigan to my immediate right whose name I can’t remember. She put her TV set in her front window so that we could see some grainy pictures live of the event.

“My family moved from Queen’s Crescent to Lower Willingdon around 1962. I left Eastbourne at the same time first to study at university and then to move around various countries pursuing my career in the mining industry.

“I have lived in Australia for over 20 years most of that time in Perth, Western Australia, where I now live.”

Barrie and his wife will be visiting Eastbourne in late August/early September this year and anyone wishing to make contact with him can do so via us at Looking Back on Eastbourne 414482.