80 firefighters at scene of pier fire

Paul Spink SUS-140730-181524001
Paul Spink SUS-140730-181524001

The operation to tackle the serious fire at Eastbourne Pier is continuing.

As of 18.30, 80 firefighters are at the scene and it is expected they will be there for several hours.

Firefighters are using lifeboats to help tackle the fire from the sea and an aerial platform is being used as a water tower to prevent the fire from spreading on the shore side.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus have been on the Pier and access has been gained from the end of the Pier as efforts continue to stop the fire spreading further along the structure.

A spokesperson for ESFRS said, “We are working with other emergency services and agencies including Sussex Police, the Coastguard, the RNLI and South East Coast Ambulance.”

Sussex Police are advising members of the public to avoid the area.