Stephen Lloyd MP
Stephen Lloyd MP

LIBERAL Democrat Stephen Lloyd was elected MP for Eastbourne in a landslide victory over outgoing Conservative Nigel Waterson.

Mr Lloyd seized the seat with 24,658 votes, beating Mr Waterson, the town’s MP since 1992, by 3,435 votes in a controversial and, at times, bitter General Election contest.

Labour’s candidate Dave Brinson came a distant third with a paltry 2,497 votes.

AN ARSON attack which destroyed an Eastbourne church hall caused ‘awful heartache’ for the church congregation and clubs who used the building.

Firefighters spent four hours tackling the blaze which devastated St Andrew’s Church Hall in Seaside and residents were evacuated from their homes. Rising Stars pre-school, which had 53 members, was left homeless along with many other clubs who used the venue.