200 protesters turn out for health march

Seaford Health Cuts Campaigners March, April 13th 2013 E16024P'Campaigners marching through Seaford Town led by Cllr Sam Adeniji
Seaford Health Cuts Campaigners March, April 13th 2013 E16024P'Campaigners marching through Seaford Town led by Cllr Sam Adeniji

Protesters calling for improved health services in Seaford marched through the town on Saturday April 13.

Organiser Cllr Sam Adeniji estimated around 200 people took part in the demonstration, despite the wet weather.

The march began at the War Memorial, then demonstrators made their way down Broad Street and Sutton Road, towards Seaford Day Hospital.

They gathered in the car park to listen to speeches by Seaford MP Norman Baker, Save the DGH spokesperson Liz Walke, Cllr Jon Freeman from Seaford Seniors Forum and Ralph Taylor form Seaford health group CASH.

Cllr Adeniji said, “The residents of Seaford have sent a clear message to the Clinical Commissioning Group that we will not stand by and let Seaford be neglected and that we want to see improved health services in our town.

“The crowd was a mixed representation of the town, we had young, old, and many people who wouldn’t normally protest who turned out to support the march.

“This from a town that does not usually protest shows that people are fed up with being led down by the local NHS.”

Mr Baker added, “It was a very good turnout, which given the poor weather on Saturday was very impressive and shows the commitment of Seaford to delivering proper facilities both in the town and at Eastbourne District General Hospital.”

Cllr Adeniji said the Clinical Commissioning Group wanted to give local communities more say in how their health care needs were met.

He explained Seaford residents had shown their strength of feeling he hoped the Clinical Commissioning Group would listen.

Cllr Adeniji added, “I hope the local Clinical Commissioning Group will make reopening the Seaford Day Hospital and bringing physiotherapy services back services to Seaford one if its main priorities.

“The closed Seaford Day Hospital is owned by the NHS, the Clinical Commissioning Group which is responsible for commissioning our health services is part of the NHS – we now need some joined up thinking in the provision of services.

“This is just the beginning. We will continue to apply pressure on the Clinical Commissioning Group until more outpatient services are provided locally in Seaford.

“We will be attending the meeting of the Clinical Commissioning Group on May 8 and will be presenting the nearly 1,000 signature petition calling for physiotherapy services to be brought back locally here to Seaford.”

The march followed a series of blows to local health services in Seaford: a lack of outpatients services, downgrading the DGH and the closure of Seaford Day Hospital.