£20,000 cash windfall will revive Hailsham town centre

Council bosses have agreed to plough £20,000 into revitalising Hailsham town centre.

At a meeting held on Wednesday [January 29] Hailsham Town Council announced it will allocate the cash from its budget towards a number of new town revitalisation projects including promoting the Hailsham Town & Business Directory which was set up by Hailsham Forward last year, the installation of additional town centre litter bins and introducing tourist signs on one of the main routes into the town.

“These new projects carried out by the Town Council will make an important contribution to improving the local economy in Hailsham and help revitalise the town centre and surrounding urban environment,” said deputy town clerk and business enterprise manager Mickey Caira.

One of the projects the Town Council will undertake is the provision of improved signage, including directional signage off the A22 and signage around the town centre and industrial parks. The town centre and industrial park sign project will be achieved through the creation of a town and business directory for shoppers accessed via QR Code and smart phone technology, in which details from all the town centre businesses and service providers will be included.

The QR Code signs, in shop window sticker format, are being distributed throughout the town centre and the Town Council has agreed to pay for larger signs to be produced, which will be posted in car parks around the town in the near future.

Councillor Nigel Coltman, chairman of the Town Council’s Business Enterprise Committee, said, “National research had confirmed that nearly 70 per cent of the population have a smart phone and therefore have access to the technology that will scan the QR Code and provide live information on all the services and businesses in the town.”

The council will also provide money to introduce a number of tourist style directional signs off the A22 into Hailsham, detailing its historic market town status together with symbols promoting the parish church, leisure centre and Hailsham Pavilion.