12-mile walk raises £1,500 for cancer funds

Walk from Seaford to Lewes to raise funds for Cancer Research UK
Walk from Seaford to Lewes to raise funds for Cancer Research UK


We’re happy in Hailsham

I might be too late with this information, but I thought I would let you know that we are extremely happy with our new refuse collection system.

There was only a slight delay for the first two weeks or so but since then everything runs like clockwork.

Recycling is so much easier and there is more room for garden waste now that we have the brown bins.

We treat and compost all of our food waste - the worms enjoy it in a Green Johanna! You don’t need much space; we only have a small garden, so more people should be encouraged to do the same.


Beauzeville Avenue


royal mail

Beware when sending cards

The other day I received a card from Royal Mail saying I needed to pay £1.09 before my expected letter could be received which I did.

Two days later my normal sized post turned up with a first class stamp on it and also stamped on it was £1.09 delivery paid. Curious I took it to the post office to query it.

It was a flat, square card that looked pretty normal to me, but apparently was a fraction of a millimetre too big to go through the first class slot, costing 70p to send rather than the standard 60p.

So although payment had been made, they then wanted another 10p postage plus 19p handling fee. But as 60p had already been paid in the end it cost £1.69 to send a birthday card!

When buying your Christmas cards soon beware, as rather than getting a card you may just get a bill from the post office saying you owe money, or just buy small cards I suppose.


Leslie Street.


Eastbourne and India links

I am writing to ask if any of your readers in Eastbourne can assist me with my research.

Recently I retired following a career as a social worker and then a senior manager in statutory mental health services.

I have now started a Ph D at the University of Huddersfield on the mental health of the British in colonial India, 1858 – 1947.

I know there are strong historical connections between Eastbourne and India. Thus I wondered if any of your readers had any letters or documents or family memories related to this period and relevant to my studies which they might be prepared to share with me.

Mental illness is a sensitive topic and I know from experience that it can be difficult for people to write about or discuss.

Any information which people might have would be treated with great respect and in confidence.

If you felt there was sufficient interest I would be happy to contribute to a features article about my research.

Thank you for reading my letter.






Saddened by £10 charge

On processing a passport renewal recently I was saddened to be charged £10 by the Princes Park Health Centre for a simple countersignature from my GP. Apparently I was let off lightly, as I understand the centre can charge up to £20 for this ‘service’ presumably inclusive of VAT.

But what has it got to do with them other than an opportunity to make money?

Should I have approached my GP outside of Princes Park Health Centre’s working hours or do they see themselves and their GPs as on duty 24 hours a day?

The Identity and Passport Service asks for a countersignature from a professional person who has known the applicant at least two years, regrettably such a person is no longer so easy to find, and for an elderly person their GP may well be their only option. In the past a professional person invariably signed as a service to their community and not make a charge, or have I missed out over the years, signing dozens of these forms without seeking a fee?


Phoenix Drive.


Used stamps

I am appealing for used postage stamps which help me raise funds which I then donate to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Recycling used postage stamps is such an easy way to raise money for the charity and I am always in need of all types of postage stamps, including British, foreign and Christmas stamps.

If you are able to help I would be grateful if you could cut the stamps from their envelopes (leaving a 1cm margin around the stamp) and send them to the address below.


PO Box 91

Virginia Water


GU25 9AR