Over the last month, Kings Church in Eastbourne has been running a survey of the town’s biggest objections to Christian belief.

Hundreds of objections have been posted – on the survey’s website, via postcards, over email and in person – as well as via a live Question and Answer event at Printer’s Bar.

Kings Church has then grouped the questions together, and is now addressing the top seven objections in a series of Sunday talks leading up to Easter.

The largest number of objections, perhaps unsurprisingly, focused on the Church, so the question “Why are Christians so hypocritical, nasty and judgmental?” will be addressed on April 6.

Closely following it were objections about the Bible – “Who would base their lives on a brutal, contradictory book of fairy stories?” – and about the evidence for God’s existence, which will be tackled the week before Easter.

Objections about suffering, the apparent conflict between faith and science, sex and sexuality, and other religions complete Eastbourne’s top seven.

Andrew Wilson, teaching pastor at Kings, was fascinated by the list. “Most of the objections we’ve received are the ones I’d expect, and I’m used to talking about them with people who aren’t Christians.

“But some of them were quite surprising.

“Some people asked about God’s plan for their life, or about the Nag Hammadi texts.

“One person said they thought Kings Church was run by the Moonies!

“It’s so interesting to hear the diversity of views out there.”

Responses to the “Big Objections” are being posted online at big objections.co.uk and Printer’s Bar will also be hosting a second evening of discussion and dialogue on April 13 at 8pm.

“We’re really encouraged by the response from the town,” Wilson says.

“Lots of people are talking about the big issues of life, and that’s just what we hoped for.”