Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q
Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q

The community has the chance to share their views on the controversial options put forward on how the future of maternity and paediatric services will be delivered in the long term at the DGH.

The launch of the public consultation on the services, along with emergency gynaecology, was launched this week by the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The decision on how the services will be delivered at the DGH and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings falls to the three local East Sussex groups.

The consultation follows on from a meeting on Friday in which the East Sussex Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee agreed that the service change proposals do constitute a substantial variation to health service provision and it will be bringing in evidence in order to put forward recommendations.

The options, which also focus on the future of maternity in Crowborough, do not include consultant-led maternity at both hospitals or in-patient paediatrics at both sites. They include a short-stay paediatric assessment unit at both Eastbourne and Hastings.

There will be a series of events taking place on the issue, with the first in Eastbourne on January 30 at the DGH between 9am - 4pm.

The chair of the three local CCGs –Dr Martin Writer, Dr Roger Elias and Dr Elizabeth Gill, said, “We encourage people to read the consultation document and understand why there was an urgent need to change these services locally to improve safety and quality.

“Too many women and children using these services were being placed at risk of harm and as local GPs we cannot allow that to continue. The safety and quality of local services will always be our top priority.”

For more information visit: www.betterbeginning-nhs.net