Who’ll be King of the Crown?

Wrestling is coming to the Winter Garden
Wrestling is coming to the Winter Garden

TWO giants of the grappling game will go for broke at the Winter Garden as the ever-popular Wrestling Spectacular returns on August 3 (7.45pm).

Flash Barker and Steve Minelli will be among the stars battling it out for the King of the Ring crown.

Both men have special reasons for wanting to end the evening as last man standing at the climax to the American Rumble, where the contestants are eliminated by being thrown out of the ring.

Barker, who weighs in at around the 18 stone mark, is on a mission to regain the PWF British heavyweight title after making an amazing comeback from injury.

One of the men he will have to topple is Minelli, who stands 6ft. 3in. and is the son of former wrestler Brian Minelli. 

The tattooed heavyweight star is determined to mark his first Eastbourne appearance for a number of years by leaving the arena triumphant in memory of his father, who died recently and made one of his last appearances in the ring as a referee at the Winter Garden.

The rumble, one of the most popular events in the wrestling calendar, will be the highlight of the show, which also features tag team and solo bouts and will include a host of other top stars.

Tickets cost £10, call 412000.