Veteran in search for soldier’s coin

Looking Back Sword Beach SUS-141229-131033001
Looking Back Sword Beach SUS-141229-131033001

Looking Back regular and D Day veteran Brian Bignell is hoping readers will be able to help him find a coin belonging to a former soldier killed on Sword Beach during the Second World War.

Brian has had the bent two shilling piece since June 1944. It was attached to a black key fob and he believes he lost it in either the Eastbourne or Hailsham area around November 11.

Brian, who lives in Meads Road, writes, “The bent two shilling piece is a very big part of history to me.

“I was on a landing craft on D Day on June 6 1944 and we took troops to Sword Beach.

“On that morning one the soldiers was blown to bits and he had this coin his pocket and I picked it out of all the rubble on the deck when we got back to Portsmouth early on June 7.

“After the invasion was cancelled on June 5, we were anchored out in the Solent so the lads played cards with our crew and obviously the soldier won a game. They were all paid in French money so he must have won.”

Brian is offering a reward of £10 to anyone who finds the coin.

He says, “I hope someone may have found it as although it has no monetary value, it has great sentimental value to me.”