Starlight Express will soon steam into town

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Review - Starlight Express in 3D

at the Brighton Centre

It may not shimmer and sparkle with quite the same lustre as it did in the 1980s but Starlight Express is still a fantastic, frenetic and thoroughly fun spectacle, bursting with energy and great tunes.

After way back in 1984, the dazzling rock and roller-skating musical clocked up more than 7,000 performances in the West End. In recent years it’s enjoyed successful tours of the US, Germany and New Zealand, and latest tour is courtesy of theatre impresario Bill Kenwright.

These days the “races” take place on screen in 3D and the effect is surprisingly effective.

The tunes are as good as they always were and a gentle revamp has seen the some contemporary beats thrown in alongside the old favourites. Obviously its mostly impressive pop and trademark Lloyd-Webber ballads, but the odd rap and upbeat tune provides some variety, and of course the amazing sight of break-dancing on roller-skates.

The performances are as bright and as camp as the costumes (Electra makes Christopher Biggins look like Jason Statham) and are perfect for the show.

Starlight Express pulls into the Congress Theatre from Saturday, February 26 to Saturday, March 6.