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Charlotte Harding finds out more about one salon's charity work and what trends are big this season.

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 7:47 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:45 am
The Salon

For many people getting up and going to work everyday is just something they do.

To them the nine to five is a job, but for Stacey Lovick she sees what she does every day as her life.

“I love spending everyday with different clients and a great team,” enthuses the Toni & Guy franchisee.

Toni and Guy team

Stacey has been a hairdresser for 14 years but her passion for the profession started long before that.

“I wanted to be one since I was about four I think,” Stacey recalls.

“My grandma bought me a plastic hairdressers’ set with a battery operated hair dryer and I would make everyone come to my salon and get their hair done.

“As I got older the love of it never went away.”

Toni and Guy team

She joined the Toni & Guy Eastbourne team in 2007, as she had heard lots of good things from people who had worked with Toni and Guy Mascolo themselves and agreed with the ethos of what they do.

“Someone I used to work with got in touch to say there was an opportunity to be a franchisee so I met the previous one,” reveals Stacey.

“I then got a call from Toni, who said he had heard good things and wanted to meet me.

“I was so nervous before as he is a hairdressing god, it is like meeting one of your idols.

“He was lovely though, really normal and I imagine the way he talks to his staff is the same way he talks to his family and friends.”

In August Stacey will have been the franchisee of the Cornfield Road salon for three years.

And she still adheres to the advice Toni gave her.

“He said to me that if you focus on the staff and clients the finances will take care of themselves,” she says.

“He went on to say that you don’t have to worry about the money as when you start neglecting your clients that it when it won’t go right.”

Putting the client first is paramount to Stacey and her team, and one way in which they give something back is through ‘strength in style’, which offers people affected by cancer specialist support and advice on hair care.

The service includes styling pre, during and post treatment hair and wig personalisation with the option to purchase synthetic and human hair wigs.

“Lauren and I have both done the training through Toni & Guy,” explains Stacey.

“It covers from diagnosis to when their hair starts to grow back to help them achieve the style they want.

“The whole service from their first appointment to getting the style they want is complimentary, we just ask that they donate to Macmillan so they can carry on the work they are doing.”

One of the reasons why Stacey was keen to do the training was seeing first hand the impact it can have when someone loses their hair.

“My mum’s friend had cancer and was a cancer nurse and didn’t know what to do about her hair,” she adds.

“I learnt as much as I could on the course including that sometimes your hair won’t grow back in the same way, so you have to prepare them for that.

“Some women come and just want it all shaved off as they want to own the situation whereas others want a little bit off at a time so they can gradually come to terms with it.”

She has found that after diagnosis many women worry about their hair as for some it is a big part of who they are and Stacey and Lauren’s job is to help them with the transition.

Raising money for charity is also important to the Toni & Guy brand which supports Macmillan, the Stroke Association, Variety Club and the Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs and hair pieces for children who suffer hair loss due to cancer treatment.

What is clear when talking to Stacey is that she is incredible proud of the charity work they do at Toni & Guy and her hard working team.

“I can’t quite believe I am doing it sometimes,” she smiles.

“I have to almost pinch myself, but I always want to encourage my team to do the best they can and I love it doing what I do.”

“The trends we are seeing at the moment is the long bob with a big fringe which is still really popular,” explains Stacey.

“Colour contouring is massive. Unlike ombre it is more bespoke to the individual.

“So if you have a large forehead we can apply colour in a way to make it look more narrow, or if you have a small face we can brighten it up.

“It works in the same way make up contouring does.

“There are a lot of beiges with colours that in one light it can look warm while in another if can look cool, so you get a lot of tones.

“The graduated bob is still really popular.

“It is one that I can do on a number of clients and it be different each time. It is a really classic look as people can play with the length at the front and back.”

To find out more about Toni & Guy Eastbourne visit toniandguy.com/salon/eastbourne

This first appeared in the March edition of etc Magazine, pick up your copy now.