Preview: Studio Season, Devonshire Park Theatre, June 21-25

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour
The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

ENTERTAINING comedy is guaranteed when The Studio Season hits the Devonshire Park Theatre this June with four first-rate productions in town from June 21-25.

The week kicks off with the extremely funny and genuinely poignant, To Be Frank: Frankie Howerd and the Secret of Happiness on June 21.

The man with the catchphrases, known to millions as Lurcio in Up Pompeii, Frankie Howerd’s career resembled a roller-coaster ride.

A follow up to David Benson’s Think No Evil Of Us – My life With Kenneth Williams, To Be Frank gets right under the skin of Howerd, showing him as he really was behind the mask of comedy.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical continues the season on June 22-23, with a brand new musical created from scratch at each performance.

A writer has just one night to create a hit show to impress his producer.

Stuck for ideas, he takes audience suggestions for a title, storylines and musical styles and the Showstoppers create the show.

Alec Guinness’ stage and screen career is the focus of the third production, on June 24.

Two Halves of Guinness offers an uncanny portrayal of one of the worlds best-loved stars.

We join Sir Alec in the late 70s, as Star Wars is set to become one of the biggest films of all time, featuring his iconic performance as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The week ends on June 25 with The Fitzrovia Radio Hour.

Recreating the unique spirit of 1940s radio plays, brilliantly evoking a dinner-jacketed age of casual imperialism and stiff upper lips, The Fitzrovia Radio Hour blends homage and satire with cut-glass theatricality.

Throughout the plays the sound effects are created live – a desk fan becomes an aeroplane and multiple types of cabbage help to stage a fight scene.

Tickets cost £12.50, call 412000.