Pop in for a festive break

Chris Harris at Underground Theatre
Chris Harris at Underground Theatre

If you’re planning to do any last-minute Christmas shopping in the centre of Eastbourne, then why not take a break at the Under Ground Theatre on Saturday, December 22 (10am-noon).

Piano-music with an accompaniment of homespun philosophy will be provided by pianist Chris Harris, back at the keyboard of the theatre’s Danemann concert-grand for the first time since a successful appearance back in May.

Chris will play ballads, show-tunes and more - anything from a Bond theme to a Lloyd-Webber favourite, via a traditional Cockney singalong number. And if you want to hear something different: you have only to ask!

Appeals for requests are a regular feature of the Chris Harris Experience – which can also be guaranteed to include Chris’s reflections on life, his recollections of childhood, advice on making the best of things, and a generous scattering of jokes.