Plea to save rare mural in Eastbourne landmark

Pilgrim's Progress SUS-180301-081839001
Pilgrim's Progress SUS-180301-081839001

A campaign is underway to save a rare mural in the Old Town church earmarked for demolition.

The large and disused St Elisabeth’s Church in Victoria Drive could be knocked down as early as September 2018 if a public consultation – due to finish on January 8 – recommends demolition.

St Elisabeth's ENGSNL00120110607170825

St Elisabeth's ENGSNL00120110607170825

The Church Commission is behind the plans to sell the site for redevelopment.

But within the crypt walls of the Listed building is the Pilgrim’s Progress mural by Hans Feibusch, highly acclaimed by art historians.

Historians say Feibusch, a Jewish refugee who fled Germany for Britain in the 1930s, chose the allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress as a vehicle for his own story, depicting a refugee fleeing Nazi Germany and his eventual acceptance and redemption not in the Celestial City but in 1940s Britain.

The estimate to salvage the mural and relocate it – possibly to Eastbourne’s Leaf Hall – is £300,000.

Alex Grey, a director at Martyrs’ Gallery in Lewes is behind the campaign to save the mural.

He said. “If approved, a scheme will allow the church to go ahead with the demolition, irrespective of whether the mural is still in situ.

“The scheme contains a provision that demolition will not go ahead until September 1 2018 or until the ‘proposed recipients’ of the mural ‘have secured adequate resources’ to remove and relocate the mural – in other words, unless someone other than the Church of England provides the money for the mural’s relocation before September 2018, the mural will be destroyed along with the building.

“The mural is a registered War Memorial, and is unique, we believe, in being dedicated to civilian casualties of war. As we embark on the twenty-first century, it acquires new resonance in the context of mass displacement of people into Europe by conflicts further afield”

“It is imperative that anyone who is concerned about the mural acts now to maximise the likelihood that it will be successfully salvaged before demolition takes place.

“We have a wealth of information on our website at about the current status of Pilgrim’s Progress, plus guidance on how to object to the proposed plans, which must be done before the imminent deadline of January 8.”

St Elisabeth’s has been derelict for a number of years with the congregation now in the adjacent modern church building.