Eastbourne’s Top Pet competition winner is revealed

The winner of Eastbourne’s Top Pet competition can now be announced.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 1:01 pm

After receiving lots of fantastic entries of some of the cutest and funniest pets in the area, it can now be revealed that Blanco the cat is Eastbourne’s Top Pet after getting the most votes from the public.

Blanco is 10-years-old and Gemma Bennell got him five years ago from Cats Protection adoption centre in Hailsham.

Gemma said, “He was with them a while as it was difficult for them to rehome him as he is completely deaf and not keen on other cats. Luckily where we live is not on a main road so we could adopt him.

Blanco the cat SUS-210106-105339001

“Because he is deaf, he is vocal and very loud. He loves to sit at the window and meow at birds and other cats. He is allowed to come and go through the cat flap as he likes but he still shouts at the window at all hours.”

According to Gemma, Blanco is as playful as a kitten, despite his age.

She said, “He loves to chase shadows and reflections. We often play ball with him.

“He isn’t keen on dogs and often blocks the path in front of our house and won’t let them pass, he isn’t scared. He is a brave cat.”

Blanco and Gemma SUS-210106-120724001

The prize of a £50 Pets At Home voucher will be donated to the Cats Protection branch Blanco came from, Gemma said.

She said, “Blanco wants to thank them for looking after him and passing him on to us. He just wanted to be a winner. And he says he has lots of toys and food already.”

Phoebe the kitten came in second place, and Ziggy the dog in third.