Parsons’ portrait of eccentric genius

Nicholas Parsons
Nicholas Parsons

NICHOLAS Parsons presents a portrait of the nonsensical genius, Edward Lear at the Lamb Theatre on Sunday May 15 (3pm).

He illustrates Lear’s remarkably eccentric life through a skilful and enchanting delivery of his delightful nonsense verse.

His endearing one-man portrait of the life and nonsense of Edward Lear is a richly satisfying evocation of the man behind the fantasy world.

He recreates Lear’s fantasy world through a carefully timed and superbly modulated recitation, throughout sustained by the genial ease of manner and seemingly effortless rapport with the audience we have come to expect from Parsons.

Tickets cost £15 & £12, available from the Lamb or by calling 0845 680 1926. Book online at