Meet the Eastbourne man on an eco-quest to save our seas

An Eastbourne man is trying to help raise awareness about the dangers of pollution in the sea. Qualified boat driver Matt Single has started a fundraiser, dubbed project Neptune, in the hopes of raising around £10,000 to buy a 30 ft motor cruiser.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 1:58 pm

The cruiser, alongside banners, signs, flyers and a regular podcast, should give Matt the platform he needs to raise awareness about pollution, the problems it causes and how people can help.

The boat will also help Matt work with seaside events – like Eastbourne’s Airbourne – in the name of expanding his platform and publicising his cause.

He’d also like to use the boat to run small, commercial pleasure trips. Profits, he hopes, will provide another source of income for the charity. More importantly to Matt, however, the trips should give his customers a chance to connect with the natural world.

“I believe that getting out onto the water and experiencing its majesty, seeing the diversity of life such as harbour seals and porpoises that can often be found just off the south coast, can greatly help people connect to the seas around them,” said Matt on his fundraising page.

To find out more about Matt and Project Neptune, visit his crowd-funding page at