Meads WI

NOVEMBER brought two busy meetings for Meads WI.

On November 9 the branch hosted a Craft Afternoon in St. John’s Hall. Members from Hampden Park and Sovereign WIs attended.

More than 50 members sampled a variety of crafts under expert tutelage. Thanks go to the demonstrators and to the members who organised a raffle and sales table.

The committee provided tea and cakes. Special thanks go to Lorne Dakin, a past president of Meads WI who arranged the event. £248.50p was raised for Wilfrid’s funds.

The 21st birthday meeting was held on November 23 and presided over by the newly appointed president Mrs. Irena Whellams.

Three visitors were welcomed and three members with November birthdays congratulated.

Following an account of the Craft Afternoon and further business, notice was given of a Fun With Physics event on January 28 at Hailsham Headquarters and a Scrapbooking event on February 19 also at H.Q.

A proposed outing to the Royal Hospital Chelsea was announced for 22nd February 2011.

Dates were given for forthcoming meetings of the craft, discussion, literary and walking groups.

Gifts were presented to the retiring committee and Doreen Hedge, a founder member of the Institute, cut a 21st birthday cake.

Speaker for the meeting was Mrs. Brenda Gower who gave a lively account of the lives of Sir William Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, accompanying her talk with music recorded by the Eastbourne and District Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

She also sang several songs delightfully and was warmly thanked by Doreen Payne. A delicious tea followed. There is to be a Christmas Coffee Morning on December 7 at St. John’s Hall at 10.15 am.

On January 28 the meeting will welcome Mr. Graham Household to speak about “Pilgrims, the oldest house in Eastbourne”. Contact 725006.