Kenny’s jazzmen have stood the test of time

Kenny Ball
Kenny Ball

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen will be performing at Eastbourne College Theatre on October 27 (7.30pm).

For more than 50 years Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen have flown the flag all over the world for their particular brand of traditional jazz, and it is a tribute to his musical integrity that the band are as popular today as they were back in 1960s.

It was during that time when Kenny achieved worldwide fame for his recordings that included Midnight In Moscow

reached No. 2 in the UK and the US charts and hit worldwide sales of more than one million copies.

After his debut single Samantha and the smash hit When I’m 64, hit after hit came pouring out until the final tally was 14 UK Top 30 records – a figure that eclipses even Kenny’s idol, the great Louis Armstrong’s total,

(this undoubtedly led him to receiving honorary citizenship to the city of New Orleans) and went towards making

him a household name in the UK.

Tickets cost £20, call 841414.