Jonathan bringing the X Factor with Congress concert

EMBARKING on his first solo tour, Jonathan Ansell from X Factor’s G4, takes to the stage at the Congress Theatre on Wednesday, June 8 (starting at 7.30pm), with his concert Jonathan Ansell & Friends.

Having shot to fame with pop opera group, G4, Jonathan Ansell is touring for the first time, as a solo artist.

He will be performing G4’s greatest hits, along with some of pop and opera’s most popular songs and arias.

Jonathan quickly became the stand-out favourite of the fans on the X-Factor and went on to achieve amazing success with G4.

Unlike most acts discovered on the television reality shows, who have fallen by the wayside, G4’s final concert was a Royal Albert Hall sell-out, and the group still had a recording deal when they decided to part ways in 2007.

The end of G4 was just the beginning for Jonathan and last year he took the lead in a national tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman’s hit musical Whistle Down The Wind, where his performance won rave reviews.

He has recently played Boamer in the national tour of the new revival of Keith Dewhurst’s original stage adaptation of the much-loved Lark Rise to Candleford.

Tickets for Jonathan Ansell and Friends cost from £22.50 to £29.50.

For more details or to book call 412000.