Infant school reunion planned

Looking Back Bob Francis SUS-140311-121330001
Looking Back Bob Francis SUS-140311-121330001

For all those of you in Eastbourne, or who are able to travel should you wish to Eastbourne, I have today booked the function room at the Arlington Arms in Seaside for Friday November 21 from 7pm until closing.

I could have booked it for the Saturday, but a lot of folks like to do something special Saturday nights, cinema, theatre, restaurant etc, so I decided a Friday evening would be fairly innocuous, and maybe more folks would be able to make it.

Make what? I hear you ask.

Okay, I as most of you know, live in Italy and only come to the UK once a year. I’ll be arriving in Hailsham on November 18 to stay with my dad Brian, who is sadly on his last legs.

So while there I decided it would be fun to try and get together as many people as possible from Hampden Park Infant’s School, 1962/3-65, St Mary’s Boy’s School, whether from my years 1965-1969 or not, Ratton School 1969-1974, Facebook friends, IGU group, and Elviar’s shed, folks I worked with on the buses, BSM (if anyone’s still around), and any friends from the days of the Archery Tavern when I was landlord there with my wife at the time, Penny.

Also, anyone who knows me and is prepared to be friendly. I’m an amiable old guy and don’t want any unpleasantness to spoil what could be a fun evening for everyone.

Many people, especially Facebook friends, won’t have met me before, and many of you may not know some of my old friends, or each other, but there will probably be someone there you know, and here’s an opportunitiy to meet and make new ones, and meet me maybe for the first time.

Some of you no doubt will have seen this on Facebook, in the IGU group, or Elviar’s shed, so if I’m repeating myself here please forgive me.

If you know someone who is not on Facebook, or maybe is, but isn’t one of my contacts perhaps, who you know will remember me, perhaps you’d like to invite them along too.

I’d sincerely love to see anyone who turns up, whether we have/had anything in common now or in the past or not.

I’m still searching for James Robson and his brother John. Does anyone know where they are?

Tony from the Eight Bells, I’ll be paying you a visit mate, but if you come along it’ll be great to see you.

I am also searching for Dave Turner who lived in Beechy Avenue. His mum was lollipop lady at the Drive Inn crossing at Albert Parade.

Ciao for now.

Bob (Robert) Francis