Global online dance success

Seaford Musical Theatre Juniors have been praised by insurance giant AXA for taking part in a global online dance initiative to provide healthy food for impoverished Mexican children.

For every calorie burned during the dance, AXA provided a kilo of food to Un Kilo de Ayuda, who help children in rural communities suffering from malnutrition through a complete program including education and access to clean water.

SMT Juniors wiggled away 1107 calories providing over a thousand kilos of food for UKDA to be distributed in areas of need.

AXA People Protectors wrote, “Wow! You can’t imagine how impressed we are to see this original choreography to the Kilos Malos Kilos Sanos song. Amazing work!

“We’d like to say a big well done and thank you to all the Seaford Musical Theatre Juniors – you’ve definitely earned the title of People Protectors.”