Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Devonshire Park

Eastbourne Stagers rehearsings for The Wizard of Oz
Eastbourne Stagers rehearsings for The Wizard of Oz

Eastbourne Stagers are looking forward to bringing some magic and fantasy when they present The Wizard of Oz at The Devonshire Park Theatre in September.

The group of youngsters, ranging from the ages of eight to 20, are looking forward to tell the famous story full of energy and colourful costumes.

The cast will also sing and dance through the timeless songs of the RSC adaptation of the musical, including Somewhere over the Rainbow, The Jitterbug and The Merry Old Land of Oz.

However it is the magical characters that are at the essence of the story of helping Dorothy get to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz so she can then get back home to Kansas.

Dorothy (Hannah Turner) meets a whole host of characters including the Scarecrow (Max Levett), the Tin Man (Christian Wust) and the lion (Mcauley Parker) and face many challenges along the Yellow Brick Road before finally meeting the Wizard of Oz (Tommie Lee Brown).

The cast is directed by Keith Smith while the dancing is choreographed by Teresa Smith and musical direction is from Dustin Conrad in his first venture with Eastbourne Stagers.

After a tornado of rehearsals for the cast the production lands at the Devonshire Park Theatre on Tuesday, September 11, to Saturday, September 14, with a Saturday matinee.

Further information can be found at the Box Office on 01323 412000 or at