Department store’s mannequins live on

Eastbourne Looking Back SUS-141229-130236001
Eastbourne Looking Back SUS-141229-130236001

Readers have been fascinated by the pictures of Bobby’s shop windows, featured in our Looking Back series, and will be very interested to know where the mannequins seen on display have gone in their retirement.

When Debenhams, as Bobby’s became, decided the mannequins were no longer required they asked their window-dresser to throw them away.

Fortunately, in 1987 just as the Museum of Shops, called How We Lived Then, was about to open the mannequins were handed over to the owners Jan and Graham Upton.

Graham says, “A huge pile of bodies with various arms and legs arrived and myself and Jan had the job of putting them all back together.

“Now, repainted and suitably dressed, they can be seen all around the museum as shop-keepers and inhabitants of the various rooms.”