DANCE: Enjoy magical trip to Neverland

Peter Pan on ice
Peter Pan on ice
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LET the world famous Russian Ice Stars take you on a magical trip to Neverland, as they star in the delightful Peter Pan on Ice from March 9-13 at the Congress Theatre.

Take a trip to the mysterious land of pirates, Indians and lost boys and join Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook as they glide across the ice.

With fantastic scenery changes and Indian drumming to bring the action to life this is a fast moving production with thrilling jumps and spins aplenty.

The stage at the Congress will take around 36 hours to transform into an icy platform for the Russian Ice Stars.

To begin, a base of reinforced plywood and waterproof timber are pieced together, with a heavy-duty pool liner fitted inside.

Next, the pipes are laid inside the tray and connected to the chiller units which fill the pipes with a mixture of antifreeze and water.

The temperature is then dropped to -15 degrees. When cool enough some four tons of crushed ice will be spread over the freezing pipes.

When this is complete the crushed ice is sprayed with water every fifteen minutes until the ice is three inches thick - which makes for the perfect skating conditions.

Peter Pan on Ice features outstanding choreography by Calvaliere Giuseppe Arena and an original music score by acclaimed Italian composer Silvio Amato.

Tickets cost from £16.50-£27.50, call 412000.