Clubs and Societies Report: Friends of Michelham Priory

THE Friends of Michelham Priory held the first 2011 committee meeting on February 8 in the Conference Room at the Priory.

It was chaired by Tom Cunliffe who, since he was elected chairman at the AGM in March 2010, has introduced many worthwhile money-saving and earning ideas.

Last year he was also elected onto the Tourism and Trustee Board of the Lewes based Sussex Archaeological Society (Sussex Past), in which role he has attended many important meetings, thus providing a most useful link between them and Michelham Priory - the largest of several other properties of historic or archaeological interest owned by the society.

The Archaeological Society’s new chief executive officer Tristan Bareham who has many years’ association with the Priory, and in particular Michelham, is a most energetic and enthusiastic manager, brimming with practical ideas for adding to the many existing attractions at the Priory, both in the house, its glorious gardens, the surrounding moat, and the Iron Age feature, in order to sustain and increase visitor numbers in the face of the current recession.

The Friends, a registered charity who exist to raise and allocate money for the many extras needed to run such a property, are keen to help out with these projects, all of which will be assessed in detail by dedicated committee members with, of course, advice from the salaried members of staff.

Why not join the Friends? The cost is just £18 per season, which entitles members to free admission to the Priory on all regular opening days, including all special events, starting with a Rare Breeds Show on April 9-10, and Easter Egg Hunt April 24-25.

You also have half price access to the other Archaeological Society’s properties, and, if you join while on a visit to the Priory, the cost of that day’s admission is deducted from the joining fee.

You will be sent a Priory Post Magazine twice a year, and there is a Friends’ Luncheon Party every June. Quite a bargain!

For further particulars about joining the Friends, contact membership secretary Mrs. Evelyne Francis on 738290 or email