Check out Einstein’s theories

Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne, date for Albert Einstein!
Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne, date for Albert Einstein!

Have you ever wondered who Albert Einstein really was? Wanted to travel back in time? Been interested in what happens in a black hole?

Then go along to the Under Ground Theatre on Friday, July 12, to find answers to your questions and more with the hilarious and thought-provoking musical-comedy, Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking.

Combining comedy songs and gloriously bad puns, alongside proper explanations of the science behind his landmark theories and some rather surprising revelations into his personal life, the show provides answers to all you wanted to know about Einstein but were too afraid to ask!

This new show from the Tangram Theatre Company lasts for one-hour and features MC Squared. It will suit anyone who has a jovial soul and enquiring mind from 11 to 100 years old.

There is a question & answer session after the show which will be just as much fun!

The show is building on the critical and box office success of earlier world-touring and award-winning works, prior to a run at the Edinburgh Festival. Tickets: £9 (members/concessions £7) - call 01323 430077 for details.