Changing faces of the Rising Sun building


The photograph of the former Rising Sun in Eastbourne’s Seaside in Looking Back prompted lots of memories being posted on the Facebook nostalgia group Gone but not Forgotten.

Historian Grenville Godfrey sent in this photograph of the building now and then.

And Jack Owen writes, “Fairly sure it morphed into a photography studio, passport photos etc, on the ground floor.

“It at one time housed the Banks boys; John, Roger and Chris (or Tim) whose dad (Jimmy?) brought them up, solo during the 1950/60s.

“They all attended Eastbourne Grammar. The building right (west) The Regal - was known as The Flea-Pit. Sneaking-in via the side-alley fire-exit was a rite of passage, locally. Say no more.”

Myra Kelly said, “I lived in the flat above it for more years than I care to remember. I was told that is was built in 1863, and when the Coffee House closed at some stage it became a library. I think there are photos somewhere of the reading rooms which became the flat eventually.”

Dave Sid Poole writes, “This area used to be a thriving community with all four main banks, fruiterers, butchers, fishmongers, a library plus a lot of individual corner shops dotted around between here and Whitley Road.

“It still retains some of the aspect of a high street and it seems that a lot of ‘greasy spoon’ cafés still do good business.”

Lynn Russell said, “My husband remembers Arthur’s sweet shop. He says there also used to be a horse trough outside the bank.”

Liz Smith writes, “My dad had his bank account there – Mr Potts.”

Maggie Rothery Veck said, “This is another building that’s been empty for years. “Why oh why can they not be used when accommodation is so scarce? I live right near there. The amount of land belonging to it at the back is huge and over grown.”

Janine Gibbons said, “I lived here for a year when I was 11 years old. It was owned/rented, not sure, by Ted Banks and it was a photographic shop - I used to help him develop the photographs. It had a lovely rose garden at the back and it had a very interesting layout inside.”

Linda Scutt said, “This brings back memories. I worked there for about eight years on and off when it was Lloyd’s Bank

John Ship writes, “Is that in front of Christ Church? If so I used to live a few doors to the right, there used to be a photographic shop, a small Woolworth’s and a bakers shop on the corner. I remember the bank. I used to live in what is now the Chinese takeaway. I drove past there last month when we visited the UK. I used to be a choirboy in Christ Church, also went to Sunday School there and was in the cubs and the scouts.”