Camp an inspiration for novel


The World War One military encampment for Canadian soldiers in Eastbourne is featured in a recently-released book.

Over Here by Jane Taylor includes mentions of the No 14 Canadian General Hospital as well as the 9th Canadian Reserve Battalion of the Canadian Medical Corps at Seaford.

It is the debut novel of Jane Taylor and was released in November last year.

The novel follows three generations of women from Ealing, through the World War One military encampment at Eastbourne, to Canada and back to the Cambridge Fens.

In Over Here Canadian medic Edward Pengarth is one of those based at the Canadian hospital on the edge of Eastbourne. The book captures the relationship between the Canadians and their hosts and follows Edward with his new wife back to Canada at the end of the war.

Over Here traces the social transformations of a century where possibilities were opened up by two world wars that saw millions of men move around the world to fight, and mass migration to the new worlds of Canada and Australia by tens of thousands of people looking for a better life.

Told through the eyes of three generations of women, the tragic life story of a nine -year-old boy abandoned on Liverpool docks is brought to life in saddening, evocative prose.

Seonaid Francis, director of ThunderPoint Publishing, said, “Jane Taylor has captured in eloquent and evocative style the transformation of expectation and aspiration of women as the upheavals of the twentieth century changed the world.

“From desperate poverty, through the possibilities offered to women in the First World War and the movement of tens of thousands of war brides from towns like Eastbourne, across the Atlantic to Canada, this sweeping novel captivates and surprises in turn.”