Life-saving equipment taken from Eastbourne seafront

A defibrillator from Eastbourne seafront has been misplaced with its whereabouts a ‘mystery’.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 3:36 pm

The life-saving equipment was taken from its protective cabinet sometime between the night of Monday, May 17, and the morning of Tuesday, May 18.

Alec Stephens, who is part of the Eastbourne Area Community First Responders group, explained that the defibrillator’s cabinet and keypad was not damaged – which is odd as it can only be accessed with a code which is given after calling 999.

Mr Stephens also said he had contacted the DGH to see if a paramedic had used the equipment.

A defibrillator in its protective cabinet. PNL-200127-112548009

Mr Stephens said, “It has gone for no apparent reason.”

The defibrillator was taken from outside the Eastbourne Borough Council Seafront Team office and Mr Stephens said if they cannot locate the equipment it will cost £1,000.

Mr Stephens said: “People’s council tax will have to pay for it at the end of the day.”

As well as the cost it will have on the council, the missing defibrillator could also be the difference between life and death.

Mr Stephens said, “That is why I put another on down there straight away.

“That is what it is all about, being available when it is wanted.”

A spokesperson from Eastbourne Borough Council said, “A defibrillator has gone missing from outside the seafront office.

“It is unclear whether the life-saving equipment was used in an emergency and not replaced, or if it was stolen.

“Anyone with information regarding its whereabouts is asked to call the seafront office on 01323 410611.

“A replacement defibrillator has been temporarily installed at the site in case of emergency.”

Back in January a defibrillator was vandalised at the Parade Bowls Club.

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