Five-year-old Eastbourne girl with alopecia to run 5k for wig charity

An Eastbourne girl with alopecia is set to run 5k so other children with the condition can have a wig.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 1:35 pm
Rosie Honeywood with her new wig. SUS-210326-132852001

Rosie Honeywood, aged five, was so happy to receive her wig from the Little Princess Foundation that she decided to raise money so other children can benefit.

Rosie said, “I was super duper happy because on the day before I got my wig I had a smile on my face at night. I was so happy to get my wig.”

Due to the colour of her wig Rosie says she likes to style her hair like Anna from Frozen.

Rosie’s mum Katie Honeywood said, “She absolutely loves it and when she got it she said, ‘Mummy I am a real life princess with long hair.’”

Ms Honeywood also described how she had to explain the concept of a charity to Rosie.

She said, “Rosie asked me why we didn’t have to pay for her hair and I explained to her that it was from a charity, and what a charity is all about and how it works and Rosie said, ‘So if I do a run, people can pay me to run?’ So I said, ‘Yes, people can sponsor you to run.’”

Rosie and her mum are planning on running 5k along the seafront on April 17.

Rosie said, “We want to raise money for the Little Princess Trust so they have got more money to buy more wigs for other children that want wigs.

“I have actually got alopecia and my hair is still short but the Little Princess Trust knows that I have got alopecia so they gave me a wig to look like my hair has grown long.”

The Little Princess Trust provides real-hair wigs to young people who have lost their hair.

It costs £550 to make a wig and although that was Rosie’s initial goal, she has already surpassed it by raising more than £1,000.

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