Police enforce Covid rules on Eastbourne buses

Police in Eastbourne have been called upon to enforce Covid rules on buses in the area.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 1:38 pm
Sussex Police SUS-211002-094135001

Sussex Police said they were asked to provide support to bus drivers in the area in relation to passengers not following Covid regulations.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “Officers engaged with a number of bus drivers and passengers and all was found to be in order.”

Operations manager at Stagecoach’s Eastbourne depot Sarah Dyer said, “We’re fortunate that we have a supportive neighbourhood policing team in Eastbourne and we work closely with them.

“This pandemic has brought about many changes to the way we do things and whilst the majority of our passengers are following the government’s rules, there are still some people that board the bus without a face-covering or don’t keep their covering on for their entire journey.

“It’s vital that everybody who is required to wear a face covering does so every time they board a bus. Our drivers will continue to remind people that they need to wear a covering, but we’d like to get the message across loud and clear that this is about protecting everyone else in our community, not just yourself.

“Please do the right thing and cover up for your full journey.”