Hailsham to install Covid commemorative benches

Hailsham is going to install two commemorative benches to remember the lives lost through the pandemic and thank residents who have helped.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 12:25 pm

Hailsham Town Council has agreed to place two bespoke steel benches at the Western Road Recreation Ground around the new perimeter path.

Both benches will have images of the groups of people affected by the pandemic and with the inscriptions, ‘For many months, to sit outside was but a wish’ and ‘Recognising all those who helped to overcome COVID-19: NHS, Key Workers and all Volunteers’.

A spokesperson for the council said, “Both commemorative benches will be funded from the community infrastructure levy and will be a permanent memorial to all those affected by the pandemic, whether it be the grief of losing a loved one, the loneliness which had come about through having to shield and even being restricted in terms of going about our everyday lifestyle and daily business.

Photo from Hailsham Town Council SUS-210330-114952001

“We also wanted to separately express our heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who has worked and continues to work so hard to keep us safe and bring us through this terrible pandemic.”

The council hopes people sitting on the benches will reflect on the pandemic and remember those who didn’t make it.

The spokesperson said, “So many of us, both families and individuals, have been affected by coronavirus in one way or another and the latest restrictions had only added to the grief that they are experiencing.

“It is the right thing to do to ensure that there is somewhere in Hailsham – in a place accessible to all – to remember those who are on the frontline and those who have lost their lives.”

The council is hoping to have the benches up by summer.