Eastbourne MP reacts to extension of Coronavirus Act

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has said she is ‘happy to support’ the extension of the Coronavirus Act.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 11:45 am

Yesterday (March 25) MPs voted in favour of extending the Act, which allows the Government to impose restrictions due to the virus, for six months.

Mrs Ansell said, “I was happy to support this extension into the autumn because it gives the government options if they are needed.

“We have a superb vaccination rollout and a clear road map out of lockdown with progress just days away on March 29 when six people or two households can meet outdoors. I am confident we have turned the corner.

“However, serious issues still remain. We have Europe in the grip of a third wave of the virus and a stumbling vaccination programme.

“The Prime Minister warned this week this third wave could well come to the UK before we have immunised all adults.

“We also have fears about new variants coming into the UK that may avoid the jabs we have at our disposal.”

While understanding the public’s desire for looser restrictions, Mrs Ansell explained how the extension of the Act is being used to save lived.

Mrs Ansell said, “I fully understand and agree with the need for our freedoms to come back to us. No-one wants this Act to be in force for any longer than necessary.

“The issue here is that the government must have all the tools at its disposal to protect lives, the NHS and to ensure this is the last lockdown.

“If that means these regulations remain in force and that they can enable the government to act quickly to emerging problems or threats, then that is the best outcome.

“Having the powers and having to use those powers are not the same thing.”