Eastbourne man who nearly died from covid-19 returns to DGH to thank staff

A man who spent 30 days in a coma after contracting covid-19 has returned to the DGH to thank the medical staff who helped save his life – and donate funds his partner raised for the ward.

Friday, 4th June 2021, 12:53 pm

Mark Williams contracted covid-19 in December 2020 and was given just a 20 per cent chance of survival.

After fighting for his life in the intensive care unit, he is now back at work.

His partner, Sharon Smith wanted to give back to the nurses and doctors at the DGH so decided to walk from Eastbourne to Brighton to raise £1,600 for the unit.

Mark Williams and Sharon Smith handing over the donation at Eastbourne DGH. SUS-210306-133311001

She explained that the unit plan to buy iPads and typing devices so patients can communicate with their families.

Following his visit to the ICU Mr Williams said, “I found it quite a pleasant experience really.

“It was nice to see the nurses and to be able to thank them personally.”

Mr Williams also explained how he was able to fill in gaps in his memory.

Sharon Smith with Laura Tacey after completing the walk to Brighton pier. SUS-210306-133356001

He said, “It was also nice to ask a few questions.

“There were a few things I wasn’t quite sure about so they filled in a lot of the gaps which was nice.”

The social care worker was also given photographs and a journal of his stay in the unit to help understand what happened while he was in a coma.

Miss Smith said, “It was very emotional.

Mark Williams while in Eastbourne DGH. SUS-210503-162920001

“I can’t look at the photographs, I can’t read the journal.”

Miss Smith also expressed her gratitude for the staff at the DGH.

She said, “It was very humbling being there and talking to them.

“They are going through a trauma every day in the ICU.”

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