Eastbourne MP in support of a catch-up programme for school children

The MP for Eastbourne said she supports the prospect of catch-up programmes for children due to the disruption caused by Covid.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 5:30 pm

Caroline Ansell who used to be a teacher before becoming an MP, said the government are now thinking about how children can catch up on lost time, with longer days and shorter holidays being suggested.

She said, “I support a catch-up programme linked to activities like sport, drama and art.

“The importance of the core curriculum subjects of maths and English are rightly identified but school is about many more things – about socialising, learning how to work in a team, friendship and expressing thoughts and emotions.


“So, any catch-up idea must have these subjects in it too.”

This comes after children went back to school last week (March 8) for the first time since Christmas, as part of the government’s road map out of lockdown.

Mrs Ansell said, “Children need to be with each other and in their lessons. Hope rises too that in our different ways, we’re all on our way back.

“Parents have had to juggle work with home schooling in many cases and I know this has been tough. Teachers too in making sure online lessons have been available while schools have had to remain open for keyworker children to attend.

“This has not been the best start to a year but I do believe we have now weathered the biggest storm and with our brilliant vaccination programme, we can be confident we will not have to close classrooms again.

“I thank one and all for their dedication and patience.”