Universal credit claiming rises in Eastbourne

There has been another rise in the number of people claiming universal credit in Eastbourne, the latest figures show.

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 9:47 am

New figures released by the Jobcentre have revealed in February there was 11,672 people claiming Universal Credit (UC) in Eastbourne compared to 11,536 the month before.

This comes as we reach the one-year anniversary of going into the first lockdown. In March last year the UC figures for the UK stood at three million, this has now doubled according to the Jobcentre.

Despite this, the south east has maintained the highest employment rates out of all regions in the UK with 161,000 people unemployed.

The Jobcentre revealed that UK unemployment figures have fallen for the first time since the pandemic started. However, unemployment is expected to peak at the end of the year when the furlough scheme ends in September.

Last month also saw 68,000 more people across the UK on company payrolls compared to January as many businesses get ready to reopen next month as the road map out of lockdown continues.

Minister for employment Mims Davies MP said, “Today’s figures highlight the challenges facing us on our road to recovery, but there is reason for optimism with more workers on payrolls and over half a million vacancies out there.”

Will Quince, minister for welfare delivery, said, “This government continues to support millions of people in need through Universal Credit.

“It is a key pillar of our response as we continue to move out of lockdown and will remain as a vital safety net as we build back better.”

Eastbourne Jobcentre on St Anne’s Road returns to normal opening hours on April 12.