Trading Standards Information and Advice: Counterfeit goods

When buying a product in a shop you will always expect it to be the real deal however sometimes that just isn’t the case as some places will dupe you into buying fake products, which sometimes can be extremely dangerous.

Tuesday, 10th April 2012, 10:45 am

Recent examples of counterfeit goods are alcohol, cigarettes, clothing and much much more as anything can be copied.

The tell-tale signs of counterfeit goods are:

• Company names or addresses spelt incorrectly (eg Austsralia)

• Lower quality of the product

• Different ingredients/material used

• The price will be cheaper than the average market value for the same product

• Don’t be a victim of counterfeit goods.

For more information regarding counterfeit goods please visit this link

Also visit the Brand-I website to check for stores selling genuine products