OUT IN THE FIELD: Sign warning walkers in Normans Bay, Old Town housing scheme, Mother’s Day and no chance of a pint in the Emerald Isle

All is not well on the beaches of Pevensey Bay and Normans Bay.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 12:29 pm
Normans Bay SUS-211103-142716001

News reaches me that residents and walkers alike are up in arms over a mystery sign that has appeared informing visitors there is no formal public right of way through the area.

The ‘area’ in question is a stretch of beach between houses in Coast Road and the Mean High Water Mark and according to the sign, which is so big it can be seen from Outer Space, the beach is owned by the residents and forms part of their gardens.

The extent of the beach ownership is also indicated on residents’ title deeds held by the Land Registry. The sign has a huge CCTV image and asks visitors to keep their dogs on leads and under control and respect the residents’ privacy. All fair enough so far.

But the sticking point is that nobody in Normans Bay or Pevensey Bay seems to know where the sign came from, who put it up and who is responsible for it. It’s not the council, nor the Environment Agency.

While I completely understand why it has been installed, the sign is one hell of a shock as you come across it. I know some beach house owners are fed up with the increasing amount of dog mess left on the beach – aren’t we all? And others say they are tired of people staring in through the windows. It would be nice if a conversation had been had before ‘signgate’ so everyone could have voiced their concerns and worries.

Hopefully soon, residents, walkers and visitors alike can work together on this, pick up their rubbish, keep their dogs under control and help keep Pevensey Bay and Normans Bay the two lovely small community villages they have always been.

It’s rather a brave move of Eastbourne council to announce plans to build more social housing in Old Town when elections are looming. The scheme to demolish homes and build houses and flats on the corner of Cavalry Crescent has sparked a lot of upset in the area and unfortunately the artist’s impression of the proposed development is not particularly pleasing on the eye. It will be interesting to see which way the councillors for the area sway in the coming weeks.

It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and for the second year running due to Covid 19, Catherine Clifford’s little soiree at the Lansdowne Hotel on Eastbourne seafront for people who no longer have their mothers will not take place.

Catherine started it some years ago and many of us looked forward to the annual event – a cuppa, a lovely slice of cake and the company of others in the same boat as you somehow made the day that little bit more bearable.

As always I am incredibly envious of anyone who still has their mother on this earth and to love and spoil. So again, if you are one of the lucky ones be sure and give your mum a hug and tell her how much you love her. Not just on Sunday but every day.

It’s that time of year when I would normally be hopping on a plane and off to the Emerald Isle to see the rellies and celebrate St Patrick’s Day (March 17). Sadly, along with the rest of the world, I am grounded and am going nowhere. Instead I am having a few days off in sunny Pevensey Bay instead and keeping everything crossed that I will receive a text for the long awaited Covid vaccination very soon. In the meantime, stay safe and see you in two weeks.