Free water refill station on Eastbourne seafront

A new free water refill station has been installed on Eastbourne seafront.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 2:47 pm

The Refill Station is at Harbour Reach, to the west of the Water Treatment Centre on the side wall of the toilet block on the promenade.

A spokesperson for Refill, which has various stations across Eastbourne, said, “This is the next location where you can walk all along the seafront from Birling Gap to Sovereign Harbour never having to buy a bottle of drinking water again.

“You can top up your refillable bottle wherever you come across a Refill Station.

A new water bottle refill station has now been installed at The Salts Skatepark in Seaford. Picture: Seaford Town Council SUS-190609-134500001

“Using water from a Refill Station costs 500 times less than the same volume bought in a bottle.

“We are campaigning to become a carbon neutral town by 2030 and one way to help achieve this is to eliminate single-use plastics, so you will never need to buy another plastic bottle of water.”