Eastbourne sewage spillage: investigations continue


Environmental watchdogs say the investigation into the raw sewage spillage at the Eastbourne treatment works in July is ongoing.

And the Environment Agency has also revealed pollution levels in samples taken from the sea off Eastbourne were “higher” on the Sunday than when the spillage first occurred the previous day on Saturday July 27.

Emergency generators were brought into the site, known locally as Poo Castle, when a major power failure happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

As a result, raw sewage and untreated water flowed into the sea through outfalls at Langney Point.

Southern Water, which treats wastewater at the facility from 140,000 customers across Eastbourne and Hailsham, says it is working with the Environment Agency.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said, “We want to know what happened and why. Our investigations continue.”

Raw sewage flows into the sea off Eastbourne for 10 hours