Eastbourne computer charity boss appeals for help

An Eastbourne IT equipment charity boss is appealing for help as the organisation is at risk of shutting down.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 4:59 pm

Tubbs Computer Supplies opened in 2013 with the aim of reducing the digital divide by repurposing computers and other tech equipment.

Chris Hunnisett, who runs the charity, said, “This digital divide is disgraceful. Everything nowadays is online.

“There are kids out of school at three o’clock and go home and if the parents at home haven’t got a computer, they can’t do their work.

Chris Hunnisett and Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell. SUS-201014-152048001
Chris Hunnisett and Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell. SUS-201014-152048001

“There was a kid in Hampden Park that kept getting detention because they didn’t do their homework because their mum and dad couldn’t afford a computer.

“We gave them a computer and it was so sweet.

“She went into the classroom holding her homework up saying, ‘Look! I have done it!’”

Mr Hunnisett also spoke about helping a man who had his lower arms amputated.

He said, “He was typing on a laptop with his nose. So we sorted him out a voice recognition software so he could talk to the computer and talk to his friends and stay in touch and not feel so isolated.

“We are dealing with vulnerable people here. These are people who cannot afford a computer.

“There are lots and lots of people out there who have needed a lot of help over the pandemic and still do need our help.”

Along with the need for money to stay open, the charity are also appealing for storage space and donations of tech equipment.

Even if computers cannot be repurposed, Mr Hunnisett is determined to make sure it does not go to waste.

He said, “There is a group called multi-sensory modules on Facebook.

“They look really cool. They make lights and lots of arty stuff to help with autistic kids. So that would be perfect.”

Mr Hunnisett said someone else has also been in touch about doing art projects with the IT equipment.

To date the charity has given out more than 750 computers and Mr Hunnisett wants to continue growing.

He said, “We have posted out to Somerset, Nottingham, Kent.

“We are just about to post out a computer to Manchester so we are all over the country at the moment but we do try to focus on Eastbourne but we help anybody that we can.”

Mr Hunnisett was also working 16 hour days during the lockdown in order to help those in need.

He said, “That is seven days a week and not focussing on getting money in.

“People need help so we are helping them.”

If you would like to donate visit https://tubbscomputersupplies.org/.

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