Film’s warm-hearted insight into orthodox Jewish culture

On Wednesday (September 19) at the Curzon Cinema the Eastbourne Film Society inaugurates its 69th season with a screening of the film Menashe. This splendidly warm-hearted movie is set in New York and tells a story about a widower (that’s Menashe played by Menashe Lustig) and his schoolboy son, Rieven (Ruben Niborski). It’s a tale both touching and comic since Menashe, so well-meaning but not the most competent of men, has to fight with his brother-in-law and others for the right to bring up the boy himself.

Cartagena. Photo by Javier Lorente Ortega

Murcia: Spain’s unspoilt gem

Despite a record-breaking micro-climate, centuries of rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, the region of Murcia in the southeast of Spain has emerged unscathed from the excesses of tourist over-development.

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