Trevor Weeks

Dave with an injured gull in a carrier SUS-180919-100146001

Tributes to volunteer rescuer Dave, and our week of swans

When someone walks into reception asking to be a rescuer, followed by “I have terminal cancer” it comes as a bit of a shock. Firstly, that someone has limited time, secondly, they want to spend that time with us. That is exactly what Dave Fox-Dossett did. A larger than life character, filled with excitement about helping the wildlife of East Sussex.

The swan from Princes Park

Centre at bursting point with injured hedgehogs and birds

We are still getting quite a few baby or young wild animals and bird coming into care meaning our centre is bursting with casualties at the moment. We are seeing quite a few hedgehogs coming in. Kathy found a little hedgehog out on her decking weighing just 283g.

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