East Sussex doctor is best-seller with his hilarious medical tales

A retired doctor from East Sussex has reached number one with his side-splitting tales.

Monday, 13th September 2021, 7:05 am
Dr Jay
Dr Jay

Dr Jay, the pen name of George John who lives in Eastbourne, released his second book of memoirs, Life Stories & Hilarious Anecdotes, to critical acclaim during the summer.

It reached number one in both Amazon’s biography and medical charts, as well as attracting a string of five-star reviews.

Dr Jay hopes his short humorous chapters will bring some light-hearted relief from the recent woes of the pandemic.

He explained: “Life Stories & Hilarious Anecdotes is mainly about some of the challenging experiences I have had in my life from being at medical school and what came after.

“I also added the section of funny stories that have happened so that the readers, bored with the Covid-19 pandemic isolation and restrictions, could have a laugh.

“It is a short book as I don’t think people will be in the mood to read page after page in a never- ending story book.”

Dr Jay, who is a past winner of the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust’s Chief Executive’s Star Award, studied for a chemistry degree in his native India. The 73-year-old went on to train as a doctor and save lives on the wards in his homeland as well as Nigeria, and in the UK.

Dr Jay, who released the biographical Your Lives in Our Hands in 2014, was a gifted writer as a child, winning an intercollege essay competition, as well as having work published in magazines during his teenage years.

Although Life Stories & Hilarious Anecdotes is easy and enjoyable reading, it is not without some deeper messages, he says.

“In the story, Unexpected Visitors, there is a Nigerian priest reminding his audience at a funeral that we are on this earth for only a short time and all of us have to leave one day.

“He exhorts his listeners to be helpful to one another utilising the time they have got left because nobody has a permit for permanent residence on planet earth.

“That is a message I want my readers to ponder and act upon.”

Dr Jay, who is a member of his church’s writing group, is currently working on his soon-to-be-published debut novel.