Hastings people join The Great United festival

Hastings residents will appear as part of a global line-up during a new virtual festival called The Great United.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 10:05 am
Justin Greenland
Justin Greenland

Melda Simon, founder and CEO of Little Fires, said: “They will join a community of world-class thinkers, artists, poets, and healers coming together for an insight-fuelled series of talks and experiences centred around five key themes: Nature; Mind & Spirit; Community; Gender Balance; Cultural Diversity.

“Ben Cole is a film director and cinematographer who has travelled around the earth seven times collecting wisdom from an eclectic amount of people from San bushmen to the Dali Lama. He films high quality on small cameras and edits films to empower his subjects, from 1 Giant Leap to Time of The Sixth Sun to The Future Is Unwritten. He will share his stories of exploring the world.

“Justin Greenland is a performer of the arts, a volunteer with the pioneering Eggtooth project and vice chairman of the Hastings Youth Council. He will talk about how being involved in local initiatives an community projects has helped him to navigate challenging times and find a happier place.

“Caroline Carey is an elder within the arena of conscious embodiment, an experienced soul-seeker and creative mentor.

The Great United Festival will take place online between March 20-April 24, 2021. Tickets are £12.50 and free for those who cannot afford the full price. Ten per cent of proceeds will go to Cultural Survival. www.thegreatunited.org/