Talented youngsters planning lively double bill at the Devonshire


YOUNG EODS have assembled what must be the most talented bunch of youngsters around for their forthcoming double bill of Disney musicals, Aladdin Jnr and The Jungle Book Kids.

Between them they have appeared in Hollywood movies alongside the likes of Ewan McGregor,

Daniel Day Lewis, Madonna and Dame Judi Dench.

Four of them have been filmed in a new BBC series with David Tennant and another pair have been on set with Caroline Quentin.

Since starting rehearsals Max Mason (Mowgli) has been seen on TV in a commercial for Activia, Tom Page (Razoul) is in the KFC advert, Lucy Brown (Ensemble) is the face of Cheerios worldwide campaign, Charlie Woodhouse (Iago) is the King in the BBC News indents and Natalie Harper is appearing in a campaign to get you all to turn off your lights.

The roles of Aladdin and Baloo are being played by Max Jorquera who has a CV to rival any professional; he has been a presenter for Disney, appeared in too many commercials and films to mention, played young Tommy in the UK National Tour, appeared at Glyndebourne and has just attended his first celebrity screening for a project with Charlie Higson.

The show runs from October 31 to November 3 at the Devonshire Park Theatre. For tickets call 412000.